Timberjack Forestry Machines

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Timberjack is truly the father of Forest Mechanization and for decades they constructed the best Forest Harvesting equipment available anywhere.  These machines were designed with a single focus on reliability and mechanical simplicity.  They listened to their customers and they still enjoy a cult following that is the envy of the industry.  You cannot buy the kind of loyalty that Timberjack owners displayed toward the Timberjack brand.  It was well-earned, one outstanding machine at a time.  Here are a few of the best Timberjack Forestry videos that I could find.  I have a large collection of movies which I will be converting to digital format so that I can share them here as well.  Stay tuned for those.  As you know the Timberjack brand and all its assets were purchased by John Deere and then dismantled, including the legendary engineering facilities in Toronto.   Timberjack specification brochures are also available here on Skidderzone on the specifications and brochures page.  Please let us know if there is a video you would like us to make available here on our site.


TIMBERJACK SKIDDER VIDEO ‘360D with SWING BOOM and CLAMBUNK and 225A CABLE, (Give it a minute because the beginning features some still shots but after that is some great footage of a rare 360D Skidder with Swing Boom and Grapple)’