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2009 CAT 525C Grapple Skidder with Winch, Only 3600 Hrs for Sale at Forestry First!

August 26, 2011


Excellent 2009 model CAT 525C Dual Arch, Grapple Skidder with Winch, Only 3600 original hours, One owner machine, 30.5 Tires (75% on rear, 50% on front) with ISFD Rims and Heavy Duty Axles.  I inspected this machine personally and it is in great condition, ready to go to work.  Call us today to recieve a full Condition Report or to arrange an in-woods demo.

Jesse Sewell 803-807-1726 c.

Brian Nielson 803-960-1613 c.

CAT 535C Grapple Skidder with Winch, 3700 Hours for Sale

May 17, 2010

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Excellent 2007 model CAT 535C Skidder with Winch, HD Axles, Dual function Arch, Blade, Fenders, Enclosed cab with heat and air, 30.5 Tires at 70%, all in very good condition, ready to work.  This machine has less than a year of original warranty remaining from Caterpillar.  These units are often preferred for their weight to horsepower ration, being smaller in size and weight than a 545 but having more horsepower than a 525C.  Excellent machine, ready for work.  Call or email for more information.

Jesse Sewell, 803-807-1726 or

SOLD! – 2002 CAT 525B Dual Arch Skidder!

June 23, 2009

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3kz00871 sold

2002 CAT 525B Skidder Sold June 2009

Despite the challenging environment for timber products companies, we are managing to find equipment buyers that are interested in quality used skidders, loaders, feller bunchers, chippers and every manner of processing machinery. This is partly because, I focus on inventory that is sourced from Owners that have maintained their machines in a ‘production-ready’ state.  This Skidder pictured at left is an excellent example of the kind of deal that can be had right now, simply due to a depressed market.  This unit had 5300 original hours and was in need of no repairs.

I am currently working with another buyer who will soon begin delivering chips to a Pellet Mill.  In order to accomplish this he will need a good whole-tree chipper with chain flail delimber/debarker that can produce a quality chip, without spending half a million dollars.  This is no small feat as these machines are $1M new.  In fact his budget was $100,000 and we found him an excellent machine that was currently working as a backup unit for a large chip producer in the South.  We shoud deliver that chipper in a few days.  Let us know if we can help you find a quality used forestry machine.

Jesse Sewell – or 843-617-7793 (cell)

Economic Data Indicates a Recovery!

June 10, 2009

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For years now I have been tracking several economic indicators that I think are helpful to Timber Producers and Harvesters and principle among them is the ‘Baltic Dry Index’.  It is a measure of the global demand for capacity of ocean shipping lines that haul everything from containers and cars to bulk wheat and corn, kraft pulp and raw logs, between international ports.  This index is posted every day on my forestry blog (click here to visit) and it is a useful tool as we try to estimate when the global economic recovery might arrive.

Like a nervous host waiting for an important dinner guest, I keep peeking out the window so to speak, looking at indexes like this one, to see when this recovery might arrive.  Hopefully it gets here before we run out of acorns.  Lately this index is gaining some serious ground.  To put it plainly it is showing some significant positive movement since February, ramping upward and showing a strong increase in demand for vessel capacity especially in the Pacific (China).  The majority of the demand is coming from China’s massive stimulus program, driving iron ore imports to record levels.  The pressure that China is putting on available vessels is creating shortages in the Atlantic and driving up freight rates between the US and other markets, even as total freight volume has declined.

You can learn more about the Baltic Dry Index by visiting this web link where you will find a great article about the index and how it helps us understand international ocean freight demand.

Another Index that is of great interest is the American Trucking Association’s ‘Trucking Tonnage Index’.  This barometer measures the total amount of tonnage handled by US trucking companies and it is a very large representative sample that is considered to be an excellent indicator of trends in the market.  Unfortunately like most reports it is always a backward looking tool, showing us what we in most cases already know and so it is more often than not a confirmation of what most of us are already thinking about the economy.  For example we knew the market was off substantially in December of 2008 from the previous months.  The index showed a catastrophic collapse, dropping over 11% in a single month.  Currently the index is still dropping, 4.5% in March but only 2.2% in April.  so even thought the index shows a decline, it appears to have bottomed out and perhaps May or June will show the first increase since November of 2008.  Speaking with several long-haul trucking contacts I am hearing that haul volume is on the up-swing in recent weeks and that is a very good sign.  It is a good sign because those trucks are hauling all kinds of products packaged in cardboard boxes and sitting on pallets and lovingly wrapped in paper products of every shape and kind imaginable.

You can visit the American Trucking Association’s website and read the full April article by following this link.

Another indicator that is of significant interest to our industry is oil futures as an sign of global outlook for economic growth and consumption (GDP Growth).  Oil futures are rising slowly but surely along with the prices of many commodities that have in recent months been performing at record lows.  This is a indication that there is at least mild sentiment that the market is moving in a positive direction.  Large numbers of suppliers are securing future deliveries at current prices and in the process driving up the price of oil.  This is thought to be based on the belief that it will rise on higher demand.  Of course this is a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts, but it is useful nonetheless.

I realize many forest products pro’s and timber buyers/harvesters have yet to see an impact.  Nonetheless these indicators serve as a early warning system of sorts that winds are shifting in a positive direction.  If you have news to share about your neck of the woods please comment below and share it with everyone.  Be sure to tell us where you are and the type of product you produce, harvest or sell.

Until next time, God bless you and all our logging, sawmilling communities!

Jesse Sewell


April 20, 2009

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Welcome to Skidderzone, the one-stop shop for quality used forestry machines, offered on behalf of their owners for purchase and delivery anywhere in the world.  We can meet any need you may have for inspection, service and repair, logistics, letters of credit and much more.  I have constructed this site to give my customers a dedicated venue for listing their equipment for sale,  and to give prospective clients a place where they can advertise their machine for sale if they like, completely free.  If you would like to list equipment for sale, please email me at and I will happily post your machine information.

I dedicate individual machine pages to my consignment customers and to the marketing of their equipment.  I do this through several websites, magazines and various other marketing mediums.  My consignment machines are the most widely advertised forestry machines in the world.  My commission fee is 10% of the final sale price.  My goal is to get my clients the best price possible for their equipment.  I accomplish this by finding buyers who are in need of their machines.  Aggressive marketing is critical to success in this area and websites like this give us excellent exposure.

Thank you for taking the time to visit,

Jesse Sewell

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