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2006 Tigercat 635C Bogie Skidder for Sale

August 7, 2014

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TC 635C - 02

TC 635C - 01

August 7, 2014

This unit is in excellent condition with nearly new tires all around.  Sale price includes outside dual wheels and a set of Eco-Tracks.  The owner has completely rebuilt the hydraulic system less than 1000 hours ago at a dealer cost of almost $40,000.  The Engine was replaced in 2011 and has approximately 2900 hours on it and runs great.  This is a well maintained skidder.  For more information or to schedule a demo please call me.  To see a complete set of pictures click here.  Ready to work for $189,900 USD.

Jesse Sewell

803-807-1726 cell

Skype: jessesewell

Tigercat Emerging as the Best Equipment Value in Forestry

April 10, 2013

2013 Tigercat 620D

2013 Tigercat 620D 01


I think the title of this article says it all.  If you have tried to trade or sell your used Tigercat forestry machine lately, odds are you have been pleasantly surprised to find that these machines are bringing record prices.  If you have tried to buy a used Tigercat machine, odds are you are on the frustrating end of this trend, with prices rising and availability very poor.  Across the South, used Tigercat forestry equipment has been in strong demand now for several months.  High quality, low hour machines are bringing a premium.  The causes of this are numerous, but the primary cause seems to be good old fashioned demand outstripping supply.  Another cause is clearly market perception being that these machines are simply better than their peers.

I attended the JM Wood Auction in Montgomery earlier this year.  This sale usually features a good selection of used forestry machines and it is normally well attended.  This sale drew a slightly larger crowd I think, possibly because there were several low hour machiness on the block.  First up was a 2012 John Deere 748H with 1200 hours.  This machine was like new and it brought $210,000 Dollars.  We were not so surprised by that, given that they are priced in the $260k range new.  Then came the star of the show in many respects because it had generated quite a bit of attention.  A 2011 model Tigercat 620D Skidder with 3200 hours was brought up and the the bidding opened.

Naturally you would assume an older machine with more hours would bring a good bit less than the Deere which sold only minutes before.  If anything the bidding was more intense.  All the auctioneers were waving their hands and going back and forth between several bidders.  It was quite a scene.  I have only attended a handful of auctions in my time but have never seen anything quite like the opening seconds when the bidding started on this 2011 Tigercat.  At least five different logging companies looked to be bidding on the machine simultaneously.

Bidding started at $125,000 and in seconds it was up to $150,000.  Before the sale began I had approached the auctioneer and we discussed this machine and what we thought it would bring.  We were all wrong.  I was convinced it would bring a ridiculous sounding $175,000.  I knew several of the loggers who had come to buy it and knew they were going to fight for it.  New machines were at least a month to two months out and no more Tier 3 machines would be delivered.  Everything from this point on would be Tier 4 and the price was going up about $15,000.  A friend in the equipment business (who shall remain nameless) laughed at me saying, ‘It will bring about $150,000, no more’.  The auctioneer had hopes for the seller that it would bring between $160,000 and $170,000.

We sat there in disbelief as the bidding shot past $170,000 then $175k, and finally settled at $190,000.  When the auctioneer yelled out ‘Sold’, the room was quiet.  Mouths stood open, mine included.  I share all of this simply to point out that new Tigercat machines are already commanding a premium on the new forestry equipment market as they are perceived by many to be the best.  Now it seems that used Tigercat machines are clearly dominating the market in terms of used resale value.  This is only one of many stories I could tell about hyperinflated prices for used Tigercat equipment.

What does all this mean for the average logger?  Well, all things being equal, if you are looking at several machines and all of them are very expensive, one of the factors you need to consider is resale value.  If a Tigercat is worth more after 5000 hours, then the machine is a better buy up front.  The numbers simply do not lie.  This comes back to total cost of ownership, operational cost per hour.  If the machine commands a premium on the used market then you are going to be able to retain more equity value when you trade or sell.

Many of you are well aware that Tigercat Fellerbunchers have long been dominating the market, especially here in the South.  Tigercat Loaders are doing well but have yet to establish themselves as the number one brand in many markets.  That may change as more and more customers become acquainted with the product.  What is remarkable is that finally Tigercat Skidders seem to be emerging as the top choice and this is reflected in the resale value.  I think Deere and Caterpillar need to check the rear view mirror because Tigercat may be coming up fast and they might need to get over.

I could share numerous stories about late model Tigercat machines being snapped up by eager buyers in hours, not days and weeks.  Meanwhile similar Deere and CAT machines sat for months, with seemingly little interest.  The demand for Tigercat D-series Skidders has been so strong that it is very frustrating to try and find a good used machine for a customer.  As soon as they are traded in they are sold or even presold sight unseen in many cases before they even arrive at the dealer yard.  I have always confidently informed my clients that no machine has better resale value than a Caterpillar.  That has changed over the past twelve months here in the US and I think it may be the start of a long term trend.  If the international markets develop a taste for Tigercat then the game could be changed for good.

Jesse Sewell

2008 Tigercat T250 Track Loader for Sale at Forestry First

January 31, 2012

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January 31st, 2012

This is a one-owner machine located in Mississippi, with 7000 original hrs, Hi-rise Cab, 53″ Grapple, Dead Heel, 36″ Triple Grouser Pads, Cummins Power, dry, tight and very straight, this machine is ready to work.  Call today for more pictures and information or to arrange an in-woods demo.

Jesse Sewell 803-807-1726 cell.

New Listing! 2007 Tigercat 620C single Arch Skidder for Sale at Forestry First

December 6, 2011

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December 6, 2011

This is a very nice one-owner Skidder that has been well cared for with 7500 original hours, 15.1 sf Grapple, Winch, 30.5 Tires, Cab in excellent condition, Everything works.  Call or visit us online at http://www.forestryfirst to see high resolution pictures, videos of this machine and manufacturer specifications.  Call me to request a copy of our mechanical inspection or to arrange a in-woods demo.

Jesse Sewell 803-807-1726 c.

Brian Nielson 803-960-1613 c.

New Listing! 2007 Tigercat 234 Knuckleboom Loader with Delimber for Sale at Forestry First

November 18, 2011

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November 18, 2011

This one-owner, 2007 model Tigercat 234 Knuckleboom Loader is in excellent condition.  Everything works, including the AC.  Machine has 9700 hours but has been well cared for as you can see from the photos above.  Equipped with Cummins QSB 6.7, TC 53″ Log Grapple, CTR 426 Delimber, Enclosed cab with heat and air, all in good working condition.  Call or visit us online at for more information, including high resolution pictures, video, manufacturer specs and a mechanical inspection.

Jesse Sewell – 803.807.1726 c.

Brian Nielson 803-960-1613 c.

Wanted! Used HydroAx and Tigercat Mulching/Mowing Tractors

October 28, 2011

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October 28, 2011


Forestry First is in need of a few good machines.  We have customers looking for Right of Way machines with Fecon Mulching attachments, Mower decks and/or sawheads.  Please contact us if you are looking to sell a Tigercat or HydroAx or any other brand of mulching machine.

Jesse Sewell 803-807-1726 c.  Brian Nielson 803-960-1613 c.

Who makes the Best Grapple Skidder? (Part 1)

August 25, 2011


August 25, 2011

In a series of articles I will review the three major manufacturers of Grapple Skidders, the strengths and weaknesses of the designs and what to look for based on terrain, operation and culture.  Terrain is essentially the type of ground you work on be it hilly, flat, rocky, sandy, wet, etc.  Operation refers to the type of cuts you predominantly work in, plantation thinning, clear cuts, select cuts, etc.  Culture refers to the type of fleet you want to maintain and your general philosophy as to which is best for you.  In other words you may be a high maintenance organization and only sell when it becomes difficult to get replacement parts.  You may buy new and sell or trade around 5000 hrs to keep a newer and more reliable fleet.  You may be a mix of the two, buying new or late model used equipment when times are good.

Before I go any further it is important to state that I believe the best Skidder for you is the manufacturer with the best local dealer support.  This will always be the case and I believe it always has been.  There is nothing worse than owning a great machine and relying on a sub-par dealer to support you or having to drive 150 miles to pickup a part.  Recently I helped a customer sell all of his equipment because he felt that the local dealer had let him down in a significant way.  He now runs Tigercat and is well satisfied with both the equipment and the service he receives.  Good local dealer support can make you or break you.  This is the first question anyone should ask themselves before making a machine purchase.  What is the level of service I will get on that machine where I live and work?

Here I have briefly summarized the current status of the big three.  Obviously this is my opinion in my limited perspective.  I routinely work with hundreds of loggers across the Southeast and we are constantly receiving positive and negative feedback about all the manufacturers and their local dealers.  It is impossible to be 100% accurate in making a general summary like this.  It is meant to give readers a basic overview of where we stand currently and the basic strengths and weaknesses of the major manufacturers.  This may certainly not apply in your neck of the woods.


CAT is still the gold standard in global heavy equipment design and manufacturing.  They are considered the best heavy equipment in the world and by and large they do not disappoint.  The one weakness they continue to suffer from is a general lack of understanding of the forestry customer and culture.  Obviously, CAT has excellent sales reps and local dealers in many markets, especially the South.  In my opinion their work is consistently undermined by CAT Corporation and Dealer owners who refuse to recognize that the forestry customer is unique.  CAT and its Dealers desperately want to force a square peg into a round hole and tend to create ‘one size fits all’ products and services.  This is most evident in the cost of parts and service and the way CAT delivers them.  Loggers simply cannot afford to pay premium prices for parts and service.  CAT needs to seriously reevaluate its service and support philosophy.  A potentially looming disaster is CAT’s announcement they will no longer offer Cummins power in their Fellerbuncher and Loader lines.  If CAT stumbles with another poorly designed Perkins substitute it could further harm CAT’s forestry reputation.

CAT Skidder at 2010 Biomass Expo - Valdosta Georgia


Deere is an excellent manufacturer and is every bit as good if not better than its rivals in several respects.  Deere Financing is probably the number one advantage they possess in the market right now.  Deere rates are among the most competitive available and their willingness to finance loggers is impressive.  Deere also boasts a dealer network in the US that is every bit as good as CAT and much more affordable, particularly their road service.  Deere has recognized that they cannot compete by charging premium parts and service rates.  I think this speaks to their understanding of the forestry market and its culture.  Deere needs to improve its fellerbuncher and loader lines (loaders have improved greatly in the past year), so that they can offer a complete line to the southern tree-length market.  If Deere can do this, they can regain a lot of market share.

2010 Deere Skidder at Biomass Expo in Valdosta, Georgia


Tigercat is now the number one forestry brand in the Southern US (world’s largest forestry market).  Tigercat has developed such a strong reputation in recent years that they are now able to charge a premium for their equipment versus competitors.  Still, they have a major weakness and that is not having access to the financing that CAT and Deere provide.  Nonetheless, Tigercat continues to grow its market share month to month.  This is due primarily to the fact that they design and manufacture excellent equipment in all three major product categories: Skidders, Fellerbunchers and Loaders.  This has created a tremendous amount of brand loyalty. Tigercat also seems to clearly understand the forestry customer and Tigercat dealers are clearly more personable and make a supreme effort to take care of the customer, regardless of whether it always results in a meaningful profit.  That philosophy may remind you of another dealer that once dominated the South.

Tigercat Skidder at 2010 Biomass Expo - Valdosta Georgia

Over the next few weeks I will discuss each Skidder line, their strengths and weaknesses.  I am not an engineer and do not pretend to be.  I can only relate to you what I am told by owners and operators in the field and add a bit of personal experience as well.  I hope you enjoy it.

Jesse Sewell

2003 Timberking 370 Fellerbuncher for Sale at Forestry First

July 14, 2011


2003 Timberking 370 Fellerbuncher with 5980 hours in North Carolina, features a CAT 3126 DITA Engine, Hydrostatic Transmission with Hi-lo transfer, Four wheel Differential locks, CAT HF 202 High Capacity, Dual Post 24″ Sawhead, Firestone 28L Tires, Cab with cold AC.  Machine is in very good condition and ready to work for $49,500.  Disc has hairline cracks and will need to be replaced.  With a new disc, $59,500.


To see video, specifications, request an inspection and see a complete set of hi-resolution pictures of this machine please visit us at our main website, or call us at one of the numbers below.  In-woods demos may be arranged upon request.


Jesse Sewell 803-807-1726

Brian Nielson 803-960-1613

2008 Tigercat 724E Fellerbuncher with 1100 Hours for Sale at Forestry First!

March 22, 2011

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This machine is like new in every respect, ready for work with 1100 original hours, EROPS with heat and air, 5702 22″ CP Sawhead, 28L Tires, Cummins Engine.  Priced at $185,000 this machine will not last.  Call or visit us online for more information at;

Jesse Sewell 803-807-1726 or Brian Nielson 803-960-1613 or

1999 Timberjack 608S Track Fellerbuncher with 18″ Koehring Sawhead for Sale at Forestry First

October 13, 2010

Well maintained machine with Cummins 8.3L Engine, 32 inch TG Pads, 18 inch Koehring Sawhead, Enclosed cab, Good undercarriage. Visit us online for more information at or call 803-807-1726.


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