Here you can find forestry machine specs and brochures by make and model.  If there is something you need than please do not hesitate to contact me and I will email it to you directly or add it to the library.  I have virtually every make and model of forestry machine, Skidders, Bunchers, Forwarders, Grinders, Chippers, Mulching/Mowing Tractors, Loaders, Attachments, etc.


Caterpillar 515 and 525 Skidder

Caterpillar 517 Track Skidder

Caterpillar 527 Track Skidder

Caterpillar 525B Skidder (by request)

Caterpillar 535B Skidder (by request)

Caterpillar 545 Skidder (by request)

Caterpillar 535C & 545C Skidder

CTR IP Slasher Ground Saws

CTR 320 / 426 Pull Through Delimbers

Franklin 170 Grapple Skidder (by request)

Hitachi 270ZX Excavator

Hydro-Ax 2470-2570-2670 Feller Buncher

Hydro-Ax 721E Multi-Purpose Tractor / Mower

John Deere 548D Skidder

John Deere 540D Skidder

John Deere 548GIII Skidder (by request)

John Deere 648GIII Skidder (by request)

John Deere 548H, 648H, 748H and 848H-Series Skidder

John Deere 540GIII, 548GIII, 640GIII, 648GIII and 748GIII Operators Manual

John Deere 640D Cable Skidder

John Deere 643J & 843J Feller Buncher

Morbark 1000 Tub Grinder Brochure 1994

Morbark 1300B Tub Grinder Brochure (by request)

Morbark 1300B Track Tub Grinder Brochure (by request)

Morbark 2600 Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder Brochure

Morbark 22RXL and 30RXL Chipper Brochure

Morbark Complete Product Line Brochure 2004 (by request)

Peterson Pacific Grinder Product Line Brochure 2005

Peterson Pacific Grinder Product Line Brochure 2008

Peterson Pacific 2400B Horizontal Grinder (by request)

Peterson Pacific 2410 Track Horizontal Grinder

Peterson Pacific 4700B Horizontal Grinder (by request)

Peterson Pacific 4710B Track Horizontal Grinder (by request)

Peterson Pacific 6700B Horizontal Grinder

Peterson Pacific 6710B Track Horizontal Grinder

Peterson Pacific 4800E Delimber Debarker

Peterson Pacific 5000G Whole Tree Chipper (by request)

Peterson Pacific 5000H Whole Tree Chipper

Peterson Pacific 5900 Whole Tree Chipper

Prentice 2430 / 2432 Skidder

Prentice 2664 / 2764 / 2864 Site Prep, Mulching Machines

Prentice 384 Knuckleboom Loader (by request)

Prentice E Series Knuckleboom Loaders (by request)

Prentice Grapples

Prentice 2510 Wheeled Harvester

Tigercat Wheeled Feller Bunchers – D Series 2004

Tigercat M726D Wheeled Mulching Tractor

Tigercat M760D Wheeled Mulching Tractor

Tigercat 610C / 620C and E620C Wheeled Skidders

Tigercat 620C and 630C Wheeled Skidders

Tigercat 630D Wheeled Skidder

Tigercat C640C Clambunk Skidder

Tigercat 820 / 822 Track Feller Buncher

Tigercat 845C and L845C Track Feller Buncher

Tigercat 860C / 870C and L870C Track Feller Buncher

Tigercat Loader Brochure – Late 2004 (by request)

Timbco 425 / 430 & 445B Leveling Track Feller Buncher

Timberjack 240C Cable Skidder (by request)

Timberjack 360C Skidder (by request)

Timberjack 460 Skidder (by request)

Timberjack 460C Skidder (by request)

Timberjack 660C Skidder (by request)

Timberjack 330 Knuckleboom Loader

Timberjack 430 Knuckleboom Loader

Timberjack 608, 618 and 628 Track Feller Bunchers (by request)

Timberjack 1470 Harvester

TimberPro TB620E Wheeled Feller Buncher / Harvester

TimberPro TF-810B / TF-830B and TF-840B Wheeled Forwarders

Timberking 370 / 380 Wheeled Feller Buncher (By Request)

Timberking 711 / 721 / 722 and 732 Track Feller Buncher w/ICAN (By Request)


Jesse Sewell,